Slide Originality can't be copied. Quality won’t be pasted Deutsche Heilmittel GmbH Slide Possesses a very rich and unique portfolio including more than 50 products. And we have been partitioned our product-Lines into 5 Business Units. Deutsche Heilmittel GmbH Find All Products Slide You Can be our business partner Become a distrbutor Become A Supplier Slide WE ALWAYS CARE ABOUT SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT
Slide Deutsche Heilmittel GmbH is continuously focusing on reducing its carbon footprints, packaging and papers waste, water usage and the overall impact on the planet.


Deutsche Heilmittel GmbH is Specialized in Manufacturing, Supply, and Distribution of Top-Notch and Safe Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmeceuticals and Medical Devices from Germany and Europe to the entire World.

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Our ultimate reason of existence is to bring distinctive, high-quality and safe healthcare products to as many people as possible with our Strategic Business Partners, Expertise, technical know-how and talented people we have.

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Everyone at Deutsche Heilmittel GmbH is driven by our Three-Letter-Motto DDQ (Distinctively Delightful Quality) in every product we develop or distribute, for every consumer we serve, by every business partner we deal with.

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Health Canada approves Uri-Cran® to help prevent UTIs in women, and CollaMouv® to reduce joint pain associated with Osteoarthritis.

August 11th, 2021|

Two of Deutsche Heilmittel GmbH’s Bestselling Drinkable Shots, Uri-Cran®

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