Deutsche Heilmittel GmbH meets Dermasence`s Senior staff in Nordrhein-Westfalen

As one of our significantly valuable Partners in the Middle East, we perceive Dermasence as the German Beauty incarnate in its most elegant form. Wherever in Germany or Austria you can hardly find a community Pharmacy where Dermasence`s unique natural products for all skin types and problems are not displayed or capturing your sight. During our 2017-Business Trip to Europe , We were flattered to meet Mr. Detlef Isermann “the business owner”, Mr. Holger Hensgen “Distribution Director” and Mrs. Hildegard Baeumker “Pharmacies Distribution Director” at Dermasence`s Facility in Münster, Germany. Dermasence`s broad range of products will help millions of middle eastern people come over their skin problems with safe and natural remedies.