The systematic Skincare Program rich in fruit acids, for a flavour of innovative beauty.

DERMASENCE®  is the German Masterpiece of Beauty and systematic Skincare that affirms its robust presence as one of the top 3 Skincare Brands in every German, Dutch and Austrian pharmacy since 1992.
In 2019, DERMASENCE®  has been honored by experts from business, media and creative industries as one of the 200 leading German brands as an Appreciation for its unique products and mission of (Systematic Skin Care) in recent years.

DERMASENCE®  stands for innovative developments and products with the highest tolerability.

The number of people with skin problems is increasing continuously. Increasing environmental influences, stress or incorrect care behavior play a salient role. Whether allergies, irritations or itching, as well as the stresses in everyday life can significantly impact the quality of life of those affected. The systematic care of DERMASENCE® , which is tailored to the individual needs of the skin, can fix it all and helps keeping healthy skin healthy.

Invented in Münster. Made in Germany.

The products of DERMASENCE are developed in the company headquarters in Münster at the heart of Westphalia, and perfectly made in Germany.
More than 50 medical skin care products are currently developed and distributed. In addition to Germany, DERMASENCE®  products are also available in Austria, the Netherlands, and The Middle-East.
Every day, thousands of dermatologists and pharmacists recommend DERMASENCE’s medical skincare Products.

What makes DERMASENCE®  Unique?

DERMASENCE®  Philosophy of innovation is based on the power of nature for effective and compatible medical skin care. On the basis of scientific findings and research, the effective potential of Fruit Acids is made available. The focus is always on a particularly high compatibility of these natural active components and its positive effects of your Skin.

Advantages of natural plant extracts and Fruit Acids at a glance:

• Regenerate the Skin’s Outermost Layer (Epidermis)
• Boost skin Hydration Capacity
• With regular Use, they Stimulate Collagen and Elastin synthesis in the Dermis, and make skin looks younger, brighter and purer
• Low PH boosts protective acid mantle
• Low in irritation.

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