The genuine cough drops for 120 years.

Premium drops for health and well-being – this is the claim of fame of our valuable Partner enterprise Dr. C. SOLDAN GmbH.
The foundation stone for Em-eukal® Cough Drops was laid over 120 years ago by Pharmacist and Medical officer Dr. Carl Soldan. He set up his own medicinal pharmacy in 1899 and had surprises in store from the outset, developing a succession of products in tune with the times. He made the first cough drop with menthol and eucalyptus at the beginning of the 20th century. The Em-eukal® brand was born and the “cough drop” was christened “Em” after menthol and “eukal” after eucalyptus.

Our Em-eukal® brand is distinguished by special recipes with high-quality, natural ingredients and a wide range of flavours. Each Em-eukal® is unique. And “Nur echt mit der Fahne” – which means that only the original and genuine product comes with the flag.
It is no accident that our cough drops come in their special wrapping with the flag. In the 1950s, doctors prescribed Em-eukal® cough drops to the coal miners in the Ruhr district of Germany to help with bronchial complaints. The white and red flag was intended to preserve hygiene during the unwrapping process (check the video below). Today it stands for premium quality, soothing pleasure and trust in our brand.
First up is Em-eukal® Classic – the original made with eucalyptus and menthol – followed by a long line of delicious flavors ranging from the fresh herbal flavor of Em-eukal® Salvia to aromatic Em- eukal® Ginger-Orange and fruity Em-eukal® Wild Cherry.

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