Distinctively Delightful Quality

Everyone at Deutsche Heilmittel GmbH is driven by our Three-Letter-Motto DDQ (Distinctively Delightful Quality) in every product we develop or distribute, for every consumer we serve, by every business partner we deal with.

Deutsche Heilmittel GmbH’s Core strength is derived from a team of polyglot professionals who speak the language of the professionalism, with indispensable expertise and knowledge of global markets, and who also enjoy robust local strategic partnerships and links with reputable corporates in Europe, Canada, The Arabian Gulf, and The Middle East.

The Stars behind the Scenes are everywhere at our various Departments and Functions.

Slide Departments and Functions Sales Department Marketing Directorate Legality, Internal Policy & Regulatory Affairs Medical Affaires Directorate Finance Department CRM and International Business Supply Chain & Operations Management Strategy & Contingency Planning Business Development HR & Knowledge Management Environment and Social Responsibility

Five Business Units

Social Media and Digital Marketing

The growing numbers of Social Media Users and the fast-paced changes in the global business environment dictate no intermediaries to reach our Consumers.

We believe that the shortest way to earn our customer’s Confidence is by reaching them out directly and to notch up the customer relationship to the higher level.

So, it was imperative to go digitally in a style that our customers would like as much as they like the Uniqueness of our Products. 

By Partnering with the World Class Canadian Digital Marketing Agency Salientia Publicité inc. (Visit website www.salientia-publicite.ca ) we have managed to engage ourselves deeper with our precious customers in responding with proper resilience to the Market Dynamics and Customer Preferences.