25 ml X 14 Drinkable Shots

The Collagen Formula that lets Time fly FASTER ,,,,,, Backwards

New and Unique formula of collagen type II with grape seeds, dried olive leaves extract and vitamins.

La Lune® is a Registered Trademark of Deutsche Heilmittel GmbH, Germany.

– La Lune® Keeps the skin fresh and young

– La Lune® Enhances collagen synthesis and deposition in the Dermis

– La Lune® Prevents the appearance of Wrinkles, fine Lines, and Age Marks

– La Lune® Is rich in Vitamins, Proanthocyanidin, and Anti-Oxidants that fight the free radicals to maintain the Healthy structure of the Skin

– La Lune® Minimizes the damage caused from the Sun light exposure

– La Lune® Helps Rejuvenating and Regenerating for skin

Direction of use:

One LA LUNE® bottle per day before breakfast.

Shake well before use.

LA LUNE® is a dietary supplement that should not be used as

a substitute for a balanced diet.

LA LUNE® is to be used for adults 18 years and older.

Store in room temperature below 25°C in a dry place.


Keep out of reach of the Children.

Do not exceed the daily recommended dose

of one bottle (10 g Collagen).