Em-eukal® Lemon, sugar-free, 50 g

Small and lemony – perfect for when you are out and about!

Lemon Cough drops with sweeteners and vitamin C. 


The tangy premium cough drop with a pleasant hint of lemon, fine extracts of lemon balm and cooling menthol. For a wonderfully refreshing and fruity flavour experience.

Cough drop
• with Vitamin C
• with a slight hint of menthol
• the sugar-free variety is kind to your teeth
• Nur echt mit der Fahne® – a guarantee for the highest premium quality and superior confectionary craftsmanship

Sweetener: Isomalt, acid: citric acid, vitamin C, melissa-yarrow extract, herbage extract, natural flavour, lemon juice concentrate 0,03 %, menthol, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, sweetener: sucralose.