10 ml X 20 Drinkable Shots

The Royal Drink of Health and Strength

Healthy formula of royal jelly with co-enzyme Q10 and vitamins.

Neu Royale Q® is a Registered Trademark of Deutsche Heilmittel GmbH, Germany.

Neu Royale Q® Maintains healthy immunity and body functions

Neu Royale Q® Helps Boost Energy and overcome fatigue

Neu Royale Q® has strong Anti-Oxidant effects

– Recommended for Elderly, Cardiac, Diabetic, Migraine, and Neuropathic Patients.

Delicious and Pleasant Orange Taste

One NEU ROYALE Q® bottle per day before breakfast.

Shake well before use.

NEU ROYALE Q® is a dietary supplement that should not be used as

a substitute for a balanced diet.

NEU ROYALE Q® is to be used for adults 18 years and older.

Storage Conditions:

Store in room temperature below 25°C in a dry place.


Consult a healthcare practitioner prior using NEU ROYALE Q® if you are taking any prescribed medicines.

Keep out of reach of the Children.

NEU ROYALE Q® contains Royal Jelly and Pollen which may cause sensitivity reactions in some patients.

Not recommended for pregnant, breast feeding women, children and anyone has sensitivity to bee products.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose of one bottle per day.