Two of Deutsche Heilmittel GmbH’s Bestselling Drinkable Shots, Uri-Cran® and CollaMouv®, have been recently approved by Health Canada in order be marketed to the Canadians starting first of June 2021. Uri-Cran® is made from a unique and natural mixture that has been approved to help preventing Urinary Tract Infections in Women due to its active antibacterial ingredients as Cranberry, Abelmoschus esculentus, in addition to Vitamin C.

Whereas as a new hopeful solution to osteoarthritic patients, especially the elderly, comes CollaMouv® that contains Hydrolyzed Collagen and Rosehip extract as active ingredients work like no other to build up and regenerate the joints cartilage as well as reducing the inflammatory mechanism Within the joints.

Both products come in an easily portable Drinkable shot of 10 ml that should be taken once daily before Breakfast.

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